The here and now

Excuse me– who can tell me where the entire month of May went? anyone?

Somehow, it’s already summer in Copenhagen. Cafés have all set up tables and chairs outside where people sit in the sun, shrugging off their big gray scarves and spring coats, chatting and drinking and turning their faces to the sun.


The entire city smells like cherry blossoms and lilacs. No, I am not making this up. I biked in a sleeveless top and sandals on Friday without feeling cold, taking big gulps of flower-air and letting my hair dry in the wind. There’s a little countdown clock in my head (and another one in an app, on my phone) reminding me that there is now a definitive deadline on my time in Copenhagen: I decided to leave my current master’s programme  in Copenhagen after a good look at my heart and my mind, and you can read about it here.


BY THE WAY: You (yes you!!) showered me with such unexpected acceptance, such genuine kindness and such true support for my decision. Some of you are constants in my life, some of you are new friends, and some of you are going through something similar and just reached out to share that. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I won’t ever be able to write well enough to express how you made me feel.


I feel kinda like this

Having said that: I have accepted an offer of admission from the University of Sussex, where I will be starting (and completing!) an M.A. in Conflict, Security and Development. I’ll live in Brighton and as far as I know it’s a really good place to be: liberal, student-friendly, by the sea, just an hour from London. If anyone wants to confirm, or if anyone has lived in or visited Brighton, drop a comment below or write me a message!

I’ll be moving to Brighton this fall, but first I’ll be:

  1. Showing off Copenhagen to Hannah and Rick, the graduates;
  2. Interrailing through Italy with Mary. (Watch out Italy.) Follow her wild trip, of which our frolic through Italy is just a fraction, here;
  3. Working at the tourist office in Raseborg, Finland, and spending days off at our paradise island cabin with my family; and
  4. Taking a one-week extended family trip to the Austrian Alps. Yes, we will take up half of the plane. Yes, we will (probably) reenact Sound of Music. No, we will not be skiing.

Before seven in the morning, I had already been across the city and back, the sun was high in a classic Copenhagen sheer-blue sky where a big crescent moon shadow was fading fast, and someone very important to me was somewhere in that sky, on a flight en route to Munich. Faris and I are both smitten with Copenhagen: with biking, with the smoothest cappuccinos on earth and the flakiest pastries, with the canals and the boardwalks and the relaxed vibe. To spend almost two weeks here together was a cure to the months we’ve spent apart, and an antidote to the months apart that lie ahead.


When your boyfriend takes you to the FCK-Brondby derby 😉



Meanwhile on the opposite end of the pitch…

We each have our own “version” of Copenhagen, and this time we got to fuse the two and then go exploring in totally new areas of the city. Fueled by ice cream and coffee and risotto balls and mussels, we must have biked close to 20 miles a day. This won’t be our last time in Copenhagen–we like it too much!



Bike hair don’t care!!!

If you made it this far, thank you! No, really, thank you! I hope you have a really good week ahead of you. If you’re in Copenhagen, I hope we can have an Aperol spritz on a rooftop, or an iced coffee at some cobblestoned corner, or both, like this:


So, just call me! And if you’re in North Carolina, or in Finland: I really miss you. If you are somewhere else, or if you’re not even sure where you are, I hear you, and I see you, and I am there with you too.







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